Date in the tray

TrayDay lets you see the date at a glance, and has a handy pop-up calendar with week numbers. It's not a diary, it doesn't store appointments: but so often all you need is a simple calendar - and a quick answer to the everyday question: "What's today's date?".

With handy popup calendar

  • Calendar can stay "on top" if you like
  • Choose Sunday or Monday as first day of week
  • Show week numbers on the calendar - to your own, or ISO Standard
  • Displays in your own language
  • Can use mouse wheel to scroll months/years
  • Quickly type or paste any date in the format of your choice
  • Julian Day number features
  • Quickly work out number of days between two dates
  • User formats can include calendar week and day numbers (for example for today)

Free to try

Download TrayDay now on your Windows PC. It's free to evaluate for 30 days, and if you decide to keep it you can buy online quickly and securely.