TrayDay Version History from v6.1

7.10 (released July 25, 2015):
For compatibility with Windows 10.

Minor update
Further update to improve compatibility with Windows Vista.

Minor enhancements
Title bar of 3-month calendars can now optionally show the current (or center) month - for example, February 2007. Previously it would only show the "outer" months - for example, January - March 2007. The setting can be changed in Calendar settings.
Converted the help file to HTML Help format for compatibility with Windows Vista, which does not support WinHelp-based help files.
Some updates made to program and help file to improve compatibility with Windows Vista.

Bug fixed
Fix of bug where with certain tooltip settings, days to or after MyDate would display incorrectly.

New features
Added new calendar formats. The original (pre version 7) calendar is now known as Small, and the new formats are Normal, Large, 3 month horizontal and 3 month vertical.
Added color scheme features. The colors of the following elements of the calendar are fully user-configurable: background, day numbers, current day, weekend, 3 month headers, weekday initials and week numbers. Additionally you can store a combination of colors as a scheme, and retrieve it easily if required. The following schemes are preset: Aqua, Barley, Beige, Evergreen, Neon, Salmon, Slate, Steel and Color safe (for monitors displaying 256 colors or fewer). There is a further option for the 3 month calendars - to fade the outer months. This fades slightly the text of the outer months, allowing the center month, which is normally the current month, to stand out.
Extended the MyDate feature to make it possible to change MyDate from the calendar, giving a quick way of finding out the difference between two dates. Previously this feature could be set in Settings / Tooltip; the difference between the date set there and the current date could then be viewed on the tooltip which appears when the mouse pointer is held over the date in the tray. Also the difference between MyDate and a date left-clicked on the calendar would appear on the menu. In version 7 MyDate can be set directly from the calendar by left-clicking a date and selecting "Set MyDate to...". If the current date, or a date clicked on the calendar, is before MyDate, then "Days to MyDate..." appears on the tooltip or calendar menu. If the date is after, then if in Settings / Tooltip "Count MyDate as day 0" is set, "Days after MyDate..." appears on calendar or menu. Or if "Count MyDate as day 1" is set, "Days of MyDate..." appears.
A right-click menu has been added to the calendar to allow quick access to Calendar settings, or to change to a different calendar format.
Added new option to user format characters. The existing a, aa or aaa gives the day of the year with a minimum of 1, 2 or 3 digits. The new option is z, zz or zzz, which gives the number of days remaining in the year.
The option to not show the startup box is now available during the evaluation period. At the end of the evaluation period the startup box is always shown.
Fixed date icon for first day of the month in the 3rd set (black numbers). Day 1 appeared in white.
Fixed a problem where sometimes on rebooting the TrayDay calendar would not return to its position from the last session.
Fixed error where in certain circumstances the week number displayed on the tooltip would not update correctly at the start of a new week.
A correction has been made to the week number of the last week of the year, as displayed on the calendar or in user formats. Previously if there was a week after the 52nd week it was always given as week 53, but if the year ends with part of a week, then it, and the rest of that week in the following year, should have the same number. If the part of the week in the following year is too short to be considered as week 1 (ISO standard 8601 says week 1 should be the week that includes the first Thursday of the year) then that whole week is week 53. But if the part of the week in the following year includes a Thursday and is therefore week 1, then the part of the week in the previous year is also week 1. Thus, by ISO standard, the last 2 days of 2002 are part of week 1, 2003, whereas the last 5 days of 2004 are in week 53, 2004.
Fixed problem where if the counters setting "Reset at midnight / startup" (on the Settings / User formats tab) was not checked, user formats disappeared from the left-click menu.

New features
A new set of date icons has been added, with the Windows XP user in mind. They have white text to match the standard Windows XP desktop, or any color scheme where a mid/dark color is used for the tray or notification area.
Restored the Shift icon feature for Windows XP users. This was removed in version 6.4 because differences between the Windows XP notification area and the system tray in earlier versions of Windows meant that the TrayDay icon was shifted away from the time rather than towards it. However some users have requested it back; although it moves the icon away from the time, at least it moves it to a consistent, easy to spot, location.
Changed color of text for today's date on calendar to white if calendar background (Windows dialog background color) is mid to dark blue. Previously blue on blue was difficult to see.
In the event of a Windows Explorer crash the TrayDay icon(s) in the tray are now restored, ensuring continuing availability of the program.
Added multi-monitor support. Previously if the TrayDay calendar was moved to a monitor other than the primary monitor, on restarting TrayDay it would be moved back to the primary monitor. The location of the calendar is now correctly remembered, and the calendar restored to its previous position.
Other changes
Corrected a problem where a certain unusual sequence of events resulted in the TrayDay calendar aligning dates wrongly with the day of the week. This only occurred if Monday was set as first day of the week, and the user made certain specific changes to the Tooltip settings, and then selected the Home button on the calendar; the calendar would be incorrect until the next time it was opened.
Corrected a problem where the Julian date was incorrectly calculated for years prior to 1801 and after 2099, because of limitations in the formula used. For example, the Julian date for February 28, 1800 was shown as 2378554 when it should have been 2378555.
Corrected a problem where if the Settings dialog was moved away from the center of the screen and the Calendar tab then selected, part of the dialog would move back to the center of the screen.

New features
Added new date counter so that you can define a date (past or future) and quickly see the number of days since or to that date displayed in the tooltip or calendar left-click menu. For example, set it so that MyDate is your date of birth (day zero): the TrayDay tooltip will then tell you how many days old you are. Or click any date on the calendar to see how many days old you are on a particular date. Go to Settings / Tooltip to set this up.
Added new check box "Start TrayDay every time Windows starts" to Settings / Options. Although the option to have TrayDay start automatically is given when installing, you can now turn this feature on or off from within TrayDay.
Other changes
Fixed problem where if Windows was in a System Standby state (Power settings) at midnight, the date icon was not updated when Windows resumed - that is, the desktop was restored exactly as before, with the previous day's date. This behavior was only noted in Windows 2000.
Removed "Shift icon" features when running on Windows XP. Windows XP will not allow the TrayDay icon to relocate to next to the time, as in previous versions of Windows, so these features no longer apply. "Shift icon" will still function correctly on other versions of Windows. Note that because the XP Notification area will probably have fewer icons in it than in previous versions of Windows, the TrayDay icon should be more visible - and the lack of "Shift icon" will be insignificant.
Changed wording in Settings / Tooltips from days "to... or after" January 1, 2001 to days "after" (as January 1, 2001 is now in the past).

New features
Display of week numbers has been added to the calendar, as requested by many users.
Added new user date format character "k", for the number of the day of the week. If you have Monday as first day of the week, "k" gives 1 for Monday through to 7 for Sunday. If Sunday is first day of the week, "k" gives 1 for Sunday through to 7 for Saturday. This allows user formats to define dates by calendar week and day number; as in the International Standard 2000-W13-6 for April 1, 2000.
Changes made to the Settings/Calendar dialog, to explain the significance of the ISO Standard for week number settings.
Previously, on left-clicking a date on the calendar, a menu appeared allowing only the copying of the date to the clipboard in the formats shown. This menu now allows copying, inserting or pasting of the selected date; like left-clicking the TrayDay icon, the action ticked on the right-click menu (Copy, Insert or Paste) will occur.

Bugs fixed
Millennium countdown display in the tooltip changed at midnight GMT, not user's local time. Now fixed.
In certain circumstances, if Windows taskbar located at top of screen, calendar would not keep its previous position when TrayDay was restarted; fixed.
Fix of problem whereby the day countdown of the evaluation period could, under certain circumstances, be advanced twice in a day.
If a user date format contained an automatic incrementing counter, this would be incremented on typing or pasting any user format. Fixed to only increment when format containing the counter is used.
Calendar would sometimes not display month and day letters if TrayDay started with /c option in the command line; fixed.

New features
Old "Options" dialog changed to a tabbed "Settings" dialog. Included in the Settings dialog is a User Format tab, allowing you to organize your list of user formats in a way previously not possible, and giving a "User format helper" to make it easier to define or edit a user format.
Added hotkey support for opening the left-click menu. This can be set in Settings/Options, and allows access to TrayDay menus, dialogs and date insertion without using the mouse.
Added hotkey support duplicating the action of a left double- click on the icon - now called the "default action". This means you can set a combination of keys which will show or hide the calendar, or insert the date directly - without having to make a menu selection.
The option to use a double-click to toggle the calendar on and off has been added.
Julian Day number and Millennium day countdown features added, so that you can have the Julian Day number, Modified Julian Day number, and/or day countdowns to January 1 2000 or 2001 displayed as a tooltip for the current date, or by left- clicking any date on the calendar.
The Internet Time, as defined by Swatch®, can also be displayed in the tooltip, if required.
"Shift icon" features are now available during the evaluation period.
Bug fixed
The "double-click icon to insert a date" feature, which broke in version 6.15, has been fixed.

New features
Calendar now displays in your default dialog box color, rather than always grey.
Bug fixed
Change in the way in which registration information is stored to solve "restricted permissions" problems sometimes encountered with the Windows NT registry.
Fix of bug relating to the Reset counters setting, and fix of problem in the display of the user date format in the Options dialog.

Maintenance update
Changes made because of transfer of copyright to MJMSoft Design Limited.

New features
Option added to have Saturdays or Sundays (or both) displayed in red on the calendar.
Minor "cosmetic" improvements to the tear-off-page style icons for dates 20 and 22 to 30. In previous versions the first digit touched the left border - now moved slightly right.

Bug fixed
On the calendar, some non-English language users had day letters and months appear in English. Now fixed, so that they are displayed in the user's own language.
Fix of bug which meant that the calendar displayed dates incorrectly from the day of change to daylight savings, to the end of the month in which it occurred. Although effectively fixed in this version, the bug was not actually noted until after this release.

Bug fixed
Bug affecting regular shifting of the icon fixed.